Providing comprehensive and holistic care

Our Program has a Patients First philosophy, and we continuously strive to provide outstanding clinical care within a compassionate and supportive environment, for our patients and their families.

The Multiple Sclerosis Program at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi aims to provide comprehensive and holistic care. The Program has a Patients First philosophy, and we continuously strive to provide outstanding clinical care within a compassionate and supportive environment for our patients and their families.

Our multidisciplinary team of caregivers work together with each patient to ensure an accurate and timely diagnosis, to provide a state-of-the-art treatment plan, and to support long-term management of the condition. We focus on a comprehensive, supportive, team-based approach to care, that includes not only addressing physical wellness, but also the emotional, cognitive, and rehabilitation needs of each patient.

Our Team

Our team consists of expert European and American trained MS neurologists, and MS specialist nurses. They are supported by consultants from a range of specialties, who all have specialist expertise in MS. These specialties include urology (bladder and sexual problems), ophthalmology (problems with the eye), and neuro rehabilitation. We also have experts in psychology, neuro physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and expert pharmacists. All medications currently used for MS globally are available and routinely used. We can offer appointments in-person or virtually (online/digital video consultation), and the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Health Portal application supports patient care from the comfort of your own home.

How do I arrange an appointment at the Multiple Sclerosis Program?

You can book an appointment over the phone by calling 80082223, or online via our website or via the Health Portal application. Visit for more information.

Alternatively, you can contact our MS team coordinator on or send a message to +971 524697650 and we will help you to book an appointment with the right person.

While in person appointments are always best, virtual appointments are available and can be booked via the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Health Portal App. Patients from abroad can also access virtual/video consultations.

What happens when I arrive at the clinic?

Usually, your first appointment will be within the Neurology Institute, located on the ground floor of the hospital. Always bring any previous medical records or test results with you relating to your condition, including past MRI scans, as well as details of any medication you are taking.

When you arrive at the Neurology Institute front desk, you will be greeted by our reception staff. You will first be seen by a neurology outpatient nurse, who will take a brief medical history, perform basic medical checks, and ask about any medication you are taking. This helps to ensure that the time you spend with the doctor will be focused on you, your condition, and answering any questions you may have.

You will then be taken to meet your MS neurologist. They will spend time taking a detailed medical history and review any past MRI scans and medical records. They will explain to you their opinion regarding your condition, and if MS is diagnosed, offer a comprehensive explanation of the condition. They will take the time to listen to you and answer any questions you may have. If required, we have interpreters available to assist you and the doctors cross any language barriers.

Sometimes, further blood tests and MRI scans may be required, or your consultant might seek the opinion of another specialist. Treatment options may be discussed, and you will be informed about their effectiveness, safety, and any possible side effects.

Usually, an MS specialist nurse will join in the consultation, and you will have the opportunity to spend some more time with them to further discuss many aspects of MS. This may include lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, and they will provide you with information leaflets and direct you to useful resources where you can learn more.

How will I feel?

Some patients find their first appointment overwhelming and need time to process and understand an MS diagnosis. Receiving a lot of information can be confusing, so some patients prefer to schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss treatment options separately.

How can I prepare for an appointment?

To prepare for your consultation, it might be helpful to list symptoms you have been experiencing and capture any other health-related information such as allergies or medication. Bring any past test results with you as well. Please bring MRI scans on a CD. Try and write down all the questions you want answered in advance of your appointment and bring a friend or family member with you who can help you to understand any information the doctor may give. There may be a lot of information given, so ask as many questions as you can to ensure you understand your diagnosis and treatment plan.

What questions should I ask?

The following questions are frequently asked by patients at the clinic. Take the time before your appointment to think about what you want answers to. Whilst every person is different, our team will try to answer any questions you may have, as best they can.

  • How certain is my MS diagnosis?
  • Are there any further tests required to confirm the diagnosis?
  • If I have MS, how severe is it?
  • What stage of MS do I have?
  • Will my MS get worse?
  • Is treatment need?
  • What are my treatment options?
  • How safe are these treatments?
  • What are the side effects in the short-term and long-term?
  • Can I come off treatment eventually?
  • Do I need more vitamin D?
  • Can diet and exercise help my condition?
  • What can I do to improve my health apart from taking medications?
  • Is MS hereditary?
  • Should my siblings or children be worried about MS?
  • Will stem cell therapy help?
  • Can I take the COVID vaccine?

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